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  • Charlotte County Educational Article of the Month - What kind of damage do wild Charlotte County animals cause in the attic?

What kind of damage do wild Charlotte County animals cause in the attic?

Having wild Florida animals in your attic is never a walk in the park. There are so many problems that can result from this. If you have pets, the animals can pass on diseases or even fleas to your pets. They can also make you sick. Even worse, they can damage your home both inside and out. There are a number of ways that they can do this, making life even harder on you. First of all, the animals have to find a way to get in. Many animals such as rats, squirrels, and raccoons do this by chewing their way in. This creates holes that are not only ugly to look at but can also cause drafts and pave the way for other creatures to sneak in.

Animal droppings are easy enough to clean up, but these can also make you sick. Worse still is the urine. Not only can this cause health problems but it also causes damage to your house. Depending on the number of animals in your attic and therefore the amount of urine expelled, it can weaken woodwork and structure of your house as well as encourage the growth of mold in places where it would not normally grow. The scent can also attract other Charlotte County animals who are looking for a place to stay.

Certain animals such as mice will also begin to destroy your insulation the longer they are there. They tear bits off and use it to create bedding for their nests. Lack of insulation may be beneficial for the animals, but certainly not for you or your family. Less insulation means it gets colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, causing you to suffer. Furthermore, this can also cause a rise in your electricity bill due to the fact that air conditioning or heating has to work harder to make up for the lack of insulation. Certain Florida animals have also been found to rip up ducts, which interrupts the flow of heating or cooling in your house as well.

If you happen to have piping or wiring in your attic, this could be your biggest issue yet. Smaller Charlotte County animals and rodents tend to chew through things such as wiring, creating electrical problems for your house as well. Not only can their chewing cause outages in power but it can also create electrical surges. Loose or exposed wiring in your attic that is being chewed on is a potential fire hazard, making this the most dangerous damage yet.

Any damages that start in your attic can also be potentially spread to the rest of the house. Once animals start to nest in your attic, there is a very real possibility that they will begin to chew through walls and find themselves in other areas of the house, including kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. This is when an infestation becomes likely. More Florida animals means more damage, and not only do they damage your house, but they will also begin to damage any personal items stored in the attic or around the house by either chewing or urinating on them.

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