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Wildlife Removal Charlotte County Florida

We Provide a Full Range of Florida Wildlife Removal Services

What problems do wildlife cause?

Most of the calls we get are because homeowners hear animals scurrying around inside the attic or walls. Most of the damage inside a houes or attic is unseen. Rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats often chew on electrical wires. Wildlife such as raccoons, bats, birds, opossums, and rats spread several diseases that humans can and do catch, such as Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and more. Many critters leave droppings and urine in an attic or cause mold or odor problems. We also handle animals outside the house. It could be a critter that has dug a large hole next to your house, or a raccoon in your garbage cans, an opossum that is stealing pet food, or a skunk living under your deck, causing an odor problem. Some animals destroy your garden or landscaping. Or perhaps you are simply scared of snakes. Whatever the problem is, our wildlife experts can remove the source of the problem, and prevent it from happening again. We are not a Charlotte County extermination company, nor pest control. We are dedicated Charlotte County wildlife control experts.

Charlotte County Raccoon Removal - Raccoons commonly live in the attic, where they cause damage. They can also cause many problems outside.

Charlotte County Rat Extermination - We solve rat and mouse problems PERMANENTLY, by finding and sealing shut any and all rat entry holes.

Charlotte County Bat Control - We have a 100% success rate safely removing Florida bats from buildings, and we guarantee our work.

Charlotte County Squirrel and Rodent Removal - For any critter, such as squirrels in the attic, we remove them, repair damage, & clean.

Why is our company the best?

We believe we are Charlotte County's best. We do a complete job, from start to finish. We remove wildlife humanely and effectively. When we encounter animals inside a house, we inspect every part of the house, from ground to roof, to identify all the areas of entry, and we perform professional repairs, with guarantee. We inspect inside the attic to find any damage, and provide full cleaning services. We offer attic restoration, permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake removal, dead animal removal and odor control, and more. We are fully Florida licensed and insured, and ready to solve your Charlotte County critter problem. Call us any time for a phone consulation and price quote, at 239-829-5374.

Charlotte County wildlife removal - article of the month

Mouse Exterminator
Mice might come across as cute creatures but if left unchecked they can cause massive Charlotte County raccoon removal damage to your property. Apart from the obvious annoyance of having them run around your home and chewing on your wires, they are also carriers of disease. Mice reproduce very quickly and if you do not address the problem as soon as you notice it you may have an infestation in your home.

Phoning an exterminator is the easiest Charlotte County snake removal way to get rid of an infestation of rats. They have the necessary poisons that will eliminate your problem swiftly. The problem with this is that poisoning the mice is an extremely cruel way to kill them. It causes internal bleeding and may take days to kill them. As exterminators are in the business of killing pests and insects this is what you have to look forward to if you decide to contact one. There are more humane options to follow before turning to this method of elimination.

How to get rid of mice
· Using strong smells to get rid of mice is a natural Charlotte County rat control way that saves you having to kill them. One of the most effective ways of keeping mice from your home is by using cat litter. It deceives them into believing that there is a cat present. This is especially effective to place in outside areas. Subsequently, you do not have to worry about them entering your home. Peppermint is another option. You can place drops of peppermint oil close to the areas where you suspect the mice are nesting.
· You can place peppermint, chili, lavender, clove or chamomile plants in your home. They are notorious for keeping mice away. It might not work for everyone, but it is worth a Charlotte County bat removal try.
· Mice cannot chew through steel wool or chalk. You can use these to seal up the opening that they are using to enter your home.
· Using a trap. You get more humane traps than the traditional mouse trap. Traditional traps often don't kill the mouse quickly. It causes the mouse to suffer while slowly dying. Baiting a small cage could help you catch the mouse and then release it outside of your home.
· It is important to close up any openings that mice might be using. If there is no Charlotte County rodent extermination way for them to enter your home you will not have a problem with them contaminating your living space.
· Letting your dog or cat roam in the area where the mouse is living might be enough of a deterrent to frighten it off completely.

Getting help
If you have tried all of the humane Charlotte County bird control ways of getting rid of the mouse you might be forced to call a professional. Exterminators are trained to get rid of vermin that have made themselves at home. They will eliminate the mouse and any babies that are found on the property. Some companies will also assist you in cleaning the area where the mice have been living. They will also help you close up any openings where mice might gain entry.

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We are a wildlife control company who is family-run, and our top specialty includes removing a number of wild animals that inhabit your attic. If, like other homeowners, you hear noises coming from your ceiling during the night, there’s a good chance you may have squirrels, raccoons, rats or bats up there. We can help you remove those animals, as well as others that may come across your home. We’re also great for getting rid of groundhogs, skunks and more from under porches and sheds, and we can even deal with the disposal of dead wild animals also. It’s not just the live ones we make time for! When catching animals such as opossums or raccoons, we will make sure that when we relocate them, we do so at least ten miles away so it can’t come back. Even if it did, it wouldn’t be able to get back in, because we would seal all cracks, holes and crevices we come across during our 32-point inspection system of your home. Our attention to detail is what keeps those critters out, and what makes our customers happy also. They’ve rated us the #1 wildlife control company in the metropolitan area for three years in a row! Get in touch today to find out how we can help you and your home or commercial property.

We service Sarasota County, DeSoto County, Highlands County, Glades County, Hendry County, Lee County, and more. We also service Punta Gorda, Babcock Ranch, Charlotte Harbor, Grove City, Rotonda, Charlotte Park, Harbor Heights, Solana, Cleveland, Manasota Key, Englewood, Port Charlotte, Adrian Town, Little Gasparilla Island, Boca Grande, Murdock, Cape Haze, Placida, Deep Creek, South Gulf Cove, and more. We are ready to solve your Charlotte County wildlife removal issue!

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