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  • Charlotte County Educational Article of the Month - Are Charlotte County skunks dangerous to pets?

Are Charlotte County skunks dangerous to pets?

There aren’t many people in the world who do not know what a Charlotte County skunk is. Three hundred years ago, skunks were brought to America to control pests such as mice and rats. They have also been trained in some countries to chase and kill rabbits.

While skunks eat berries, fruits, and nuts found in nature, Florida skunks are mainly carnivorous. They have terrible eyesight and are most often considered deaf. However, where they lack in those two areas, they make up for in the hearing department.

Skunks are scavengers. If there is food left out for them to get, they will dive in without a moment's hesitation. If a Charlotte County skunk has made its way into your home or onto your property, it is because it is looking for food. While they have been known to attack smaller farm animals, most domestic animals are safe. In most cases, dogs are just too large for a skunk to worry about. However, if you have small puppies or kittens that are kept outside, and you have seen skunks roaming about, then you might need to take precautions because they very well could attack if they are left unprotected.

While Florida skunks may not actually eat your pets, they can hurt them. The claws on their front feet are sharp and long. They are sturdy and made for digging but also to protection. If your pet gets into a fight with one of these stinkers, they might receive damage to their bodies as well as their eyes. If this occurs, infections can set in, and it can become fatal for some pets.

Skunks can pose a threat to your pets, so it is best you always take precautions, especially if you have seen a skunk. In fact, you might have a Charlotte County skunk problem, and you’ve not even seen a skunk. Their smell is very pronounced and hard to miss.

If you find that you’ve got a Florida skunk lingering around, there are a few things you can do to keep your beloved pets safe.

One: bring in all pet food. You don’t have to put it in your house just put it up. Skunks are poor climbers, so if you put it on a shelf or table outside, they aren’t likely to reach it.

Two: Make sure all trash cans have lids. While they can’t climb, Charlotte County skunks can and will topple trashcans to get to the contents.

Three: take special care and make sure your pets are inside. If there are kittens or puppies outside, make sure they are in a secure place. A shed or barn make perfect areas because they have doors and can keep the little stinkers out and your pets safe.

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